Emotions As Allies

When you take time to develop your emotional intelligence, you get in touch with your authentic self. Instead of feeling stuck in a constant struggle against your own emotions, you leverage emotions as valuable resources that clarify what matters and energize you to achieve your goals. It’s a transformational investment in your mental and emotional wellbeing.

  • Practical tools to improve your emotional intelligence

  • A fun, engaging learning environment

  • Caring, accredited faculty

  • Personal transformation

  • Evidence-based curriculum

  • Global community for ongoing support

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Do you want to learn from the world’s leader in emotional intelligence and get practical tools to apply immediately in your life?

Course curriculum

    1. CCS Prep

    1. CCS live class

    1. Certification Planning

    2. Connecting

    3. Discovering

    4. Committing

    5. Completion

    6. CCS Completion

    1. EQCC Case Study Project

About this course

  • 9 lessons