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Why it's great

Embark on a transformative journey in an innovative eLearning course designed to redefine the way you view personal growth and self-reflection. Drawing inspiration from the meticulous and strategic approach of corporate annual reports, this course offers a unique method to review your past year and strategically plan for the future.

  • Structured exercises to assess your achievements, challenges, and emotional growth, mirroring the depth of a company’s annual review

  • Utilize tools from the Six Seconds Model of Emotional Intelligence to gain a deeper understanding of your emotional patterns and how they influence your life choices.

  • Guide your plan by creating (or refining) your 'Noble Goal' to create a life that resonates with your deepest values and aspirations.

  • Set realistic, impactful goals using the Objective and Key Results (OKR) framework, ensuring measurable progress in your personal and professional life.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome!

    2. How to use this platform

    3. What is a Noble Goal?

    4. Noble Goal Exercise 1

    5. Noble Goal Exercise 2

    6. Noble Goal Exercise 3

    7. Recognize Patterns

    8. Emotional Literacy

    1. Looking Back

    2. Assessment of Current Status

    3. What's Driving the Current Status

    4. Summary & Implications

    1. Go!

    2. Navigating Emotions

    3. Exercise Optimism

    4. Action Planning

    1. Quick Summary

    2. CEO Cover Letter

    3. Download Your Report

    4. Before you go...

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